Making more money through events

Posted on 28 July 2018

We all know hosting events can be expensive, once you've paid for the venue and any entertainment you can be left with a rather modest profit, but what if you could be making more money through events. When it comes to online ticketing, TicketEase is the only solution that makes you more money out of a standard ticket price and booking fee. 

Profitable events ideas

Any type of event can be profitable but the most successful events to organize are ones that showcase what your business can do and encourage networking.  

How to make money hosting networking events

One of the most profitable ideas is to host a networking event. Not only will you make a profit from selling tickets online but you can use the event itself to make more business contacts, and meet potential new customers. A great networking event opens up the possibility of regular networking events, perhaps monthly, which could create a recurring income for your business.  

How to make money hosting a conference

The other most profitable events idea is a conference. Though very similar to a networking event, here you have every opportunity to stand out and have your business shown as an authority. Inviting other businesses to present at your conference can help if you are limited on presentation ideas but this is a brilliant opportunity for you to take to the stage and shout about your products and services. A conference should be seen as a professional, learning experience to encourage repeat visitors, a chance to show off and network.  A successful conference will be talked about across social media, place your logo and business name on marketing materials and you'll soon be seeing the benefits of hosting a conference. 

So you've chosen your type of event and have started planning, next you need a way to sell tickets online and market your event, this is where TicketEase comes in. 

How to make money promoting events

If you've hosted an event online before you've probably been aware of booking fees that get added onto the price of your tickets, this is usually kept by the ticketing organiser. We don't believe this is fair for you or your customers, that's why we've created this handy infographic to show to make money event planning with TicketEase. This infographic shows the difference between the online platforms, we use a minimal amount of the booking fee to cover payment processing, the rest goes straight into your pocket. 

If you'd like to find out how much you could make on your event, try out our pricing comparison calculator



Making more money through events with TicketEase



When you could be making more money through events why would you do anything else? An event can get your branding out there, set yourself as an authority in your niche and, with TicketEase, allow you to bring in some much needed extra money for your business.