Why use TicketEase to sell tickets online?

About TicketEase

We want to revolutionise the UK event industry by providing a fairer ticketing solution for both event organisers and event goers

Having hosted our own promotions and nightclub events, we were tired of letting event platforms take a percentage of our ticket sales. For a large event we were losing out on hundreds of pounds. We needed a way to sell tickets ourselves so we built a ticket selling platform that has all the features of the major ticket sellers, at only a fraction of the cost.

How it all started

Back in 2015 we built TicketEase as a way of letting promoters sell tickets through their own branded website at a price they were happy with.

As TicketEase has grown we've added feature after feature to provide the best experience for minimal cost, the growing success of TicketEase lead to a complete redesign and rebuild in 2018.

With the aspirations of changing the event industry for the better we have created a platform for fairer ticket selling and lower ticket costs.

What TicketEase can do

There's no shortage of online ticketing solutions who advertise themselves as "free", however, as you start to sell tickets you'll soon realise that your customers are paying up to 10% more per ticket, hidden inside a booking fee.

We've built a comparable software solution that comes in at a much lower rate per ticket allowing you to either sell cheaper tickets (happy event-goers) or keep a higher portion of your booking fee (happy event promoters).

  • Create Unlimited Events
  • Add multiple tickets types and prices per event
  • Change booking windows to limit the sale of a certain ticket
  • Set your own booking fee
  • Access your funds regularly, no waiting around for a single payout
  • Themed brand pages to display all your events
  • Send PDF tickets
  • All events are automatically search engine and social media optimised

Where next for TicketEase?

We've set ourselves the daunting task of taking on the event industry and changing things for the better. To achieve this we have big plans for TicketEase and future features, including:

  • Marketing new events to followers
  • Add event reps, and provide them with their own link
  • Email campaigns
  • Digital tickets for iOS and Android
  • And a lot more..!

We are built by event organisers for event organisers.

Help us change the event industry by choosing TicketEase to manage your event.

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