How much does it cost to sell tickets online?

TicketEase is all about providing a fair solution for selling event tickets online, that's cheaper for the customer and makes more money for the event organiser. We believe it's the best way to sell event tickets online!

So, how does it work? TicketEase is a free online ticketing system that doesn't take a percentage of your profits. When you use a service such as WeGotTickets, or ticket tailor events, they take a huge 10% of your ticket price on each ticket that you sell. TicketEase only takes a flat £1 (regardless of your ticket price) and a small fee to cover payment processing, leaving a higher portion of profits to go to you, the event organiser.

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We're confident that TicketEase is the best place to sell tickets online, whether you're looking to sell concert tickets, sell performance tickets, exhibition tickets, or any type of ticket, TicketEase has you covered.

Sell free tickets online for free

That's right! If you are running a free event where the cost of the tickets are £0, we don't charge you a penny. You can sell tickets online for no fees and still use all the features of TicketEase including advertising, guest lists, and our ticket app without any charge from us.

No Set up Costs

There are no set up costs to begin selling your tickets online with TicketEase. You only start paying once you start selling tickets.

Using Stripe As Your Payment Provider

When you sell event tickets online with PayPal you can be hit with high payment processing fees. That's why we use Stripe. They charge a minimal 1.4% + 20p per transaction, so more money goes to you.

If you want to compare our fees against the market leaders check out our Pricing Comparison Calculator.