How Events Can Help Grow Your Business

Posted on 11 January 2018

A lot of business owners attend networking events and conferences with the hopes of meeting new contacts and promoting their business, but you can get noticed a lot more by hosting the events yourself. Organising events gives you more opportunities for brand exposure than you’d get by simply attending an event and handing out business cards. 

If you can't afford to host an event yourself, look for opportunities to partner with other brands, who might be interested in participating, sponsoring or publicising your event. 

Another option is hosting a workshop, sharing your knowledge with a group of people will establish you and your business as an authority, you can charge people to attend to cover your costs. 

Start and Grow your Mailing List

Mailing lists are crucial for sales funnels and keeping your brand at the front of peoples minds. A mailing list will give you an opportunity to follow up with guests after the event, get feedback and then promote future events. 

TicketEase allows you to ask your guests questions when they purchase a ticket, ask them for their email address and add them to your mailing list platform.  But, make sure you make it clear that you are using their email address for promotional purposes, you can get into trouble if you sign people up without their permission.

Using Social Media

Coming up with social media posts regularly can be tricky, by hosting an event you can create lots of promotional posts and graphics that can be shared across social media. 

Consider live streaming parts of your event for guests who cannot attend the event, live streaming is huge on social media right now and the live streaming posts get a lot more interaction and success than other types of posts.  


With consistent branding, you can use an event to get your name out there and get noticed by potential customers. If there are any printed materials at your event, put your logo on them and also on any screens at the event. During the event make sure you personally are accessible and chatting with guests, get your face in front of people and spread the word about your brand.