What is a brand?

TicketEase allows you to create two types of content, a brand and an event. 

The brand allows you to list your events under your company/charity/personal name and upload images to personalise your pages. 

A brand is required in order to create an event, the information required is listed below: 

  • Brand Name - The name of the event organiser, this could be a business name, a charity name or your own personal details. 
  • Brand Logo - An image to represent you as an event organiser. 
  • Stripe Keys - You sell tickets to an event you will need a Stripe account, once your account is created you can authorise your TicketEase account to access the details and handle payments on your behalf. Follow the instructions on your brand page to complete this. 
  • Brand Banner Image - A large graphic to showcase your brand and will be displayed on your brand page. 
  • Brand Content - Tell visitors what you're all about.