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1st August 2022, 18:03
Hosted by: Navarro


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Greetings speech-lovers! When we launched the Mobile back in January, we knew that easy access to the industry’s most powerful speech-recognition technology would be a huge hit among developers!More details here plant identification google . And in just 90 short days, more than 2,500 of you signed on to bring the power of speech to YOUR iOS or Android app---and the results speak for themselves! From Price Check by Amazon to Merriam-Webster and Ask.Powering the voice recognition and text-to-speech capabilities of some of the most popular iOS and Android apps on the market today! And with good reason – as more and more customers discover the ease and convenience speech-enabled apps deliver the more they want to use it for every app they have on their mobile device! And with a broad range of languages supported, helps you reach an even bigger global audience – so your app truly has no boundaries! Check out some of the latest partners that have successfully launched powerful and innovative new apps: The new app for iPhone makes it even easier to find the local businesses and services that you’re looking for. With voice-search powered by , just speak the name of any business or category and instantly gain access to millions of listings! app for iPhone and iPad lets you simply speak to find businesses, services and people.Capabilities to recognize where consumers are, but also to deliver results based on what’s nearest to them! The iTranslate app from Sonico leverages renowned voice recognition capabilities to let users speak words or phases into their iPhone, which are then translated in the language of choice in just seconds – making it a must-have travel application! And with the Dragon Mobile SDK’s broad language support, iTranslate provides translations for English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish. You too can bring the same cool functionality to YOUR app! Registering as an NMDP member (FREE!) grants you access to an intuitive self-service program that will have you speech-enabling your mobile app within minutes! Want to learn more?! Check out nuancemobiledeveloper.com today!