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BS to Bliss (Online event on Zoomy Zoom)

11th January 2021, 09:30


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Join me, Dr. Sarah Madigan, Clinical Psychologist/Transformational Coach and Relationship Expert for a four day online FUN EXTRAVAGANZA! Are you your own biggest obstacle to receiving love? Learn to break down those barriers, feel closeness & joy like never before, swap out the boring for the brilliant! Transform your BS TO BLISS! Join the challenge now! Only £39 until Jan 1st 2021 Email drsarahmadigan@gmail.com to secure your spot Are you like a combination of the worst bits of both of your parents in your relationship? Ha! That’s an uncomfortable one ey? Are you sick of the BS you create in relationships? Are you single and wanting to end the negative patterns next time round? Sick of attracting the wrong people? Are you in a couple and sick of THE SAME ARGUMENTS ON REPEAT like a flippin’ broken record? Do you react without thinking and feel shameful afterwards? (Yup! That used to be me! Out of control of my anger towards my husband then so ashamed afterwards!) Are you ‘happy enough’ and wanting to start showing up as your best self even more? Wanting to model the best to your children? Imagine the joy you could create if both you and your partner were able to function with ultimate vitality and energy If you answered yes to any of the above you’re gonna want to read on! Are you modeling to your kids how not to relate in a healthy way? Let’s get real. If you are arguing regularly in front of your kids, this means their cortisol levels are going to be high; impacting their ability to learn, relate and feel good feeling feelings. They deserve more. You deserve more. Don’t beat yourself up with the ‘parenting shaming’ stick. JUST MAKE A CHANGE. THEY WILL THANK YOU FOR IT. Their future partner will thank you for it! Their future children will thank you for it! YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THESE (LIKELY) GENERATIONAL PATTERNS AND THE PAIN THEY CAUSE I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. IT’S MORE POSSIBLE THAN YOU KNOW. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE YOUR OWN LIES THAT YOU ARE STUCK HERE FOREVER. I CAN HELP. Are you ready for loving and clear communication; more harmony, fun and joy in the home? Are you ready for bliss? ER… YES PLEASE! I HEAR YOU SAY!