Launching TicketEase and our New Features

Posted on 19 March 2018

Welcome to TicketEase, we have developed a ticket selling platform that has all the features of the major ticket sellers, at only a fraction of the cost.

We aim to bring something new to the online ticket selling and event management market, by putting all the power of ticket selling into the hands of event organisers. 

Why did we build TicketEase?

With personal ticket selling industry experience with our own promotions and nightclub events, we were tired of letting event platforms take £1 per ticket sale. On a busy night, it could be costing us hundreds of pounds. We needed a way to sell tickets ourselves, so we built one. 

How is TicketEase different?

When you use a service like EventBrite they make all their money from large booking fees based on the price of your tickets, we charge a flat rate per ticket starting at 36p. You could sell a single ticket for £5 or £100 and the charge would still be 36p, all the profit goes straight to you. 

To see how we compare with other ticket selling software, check out our comparison calculator.

TicketEase features

We've built in all the tools that you need to promote and hold a successful event, including: 

  • Unlimited ticket types
  • Personal branding
  • Free iOS and Android app for scanning tickets
  • Ticket reps
  • Guest questionnaires
  • and lots more to come!

Free to start selling

TicketEase is completely free to start selling, you only pay when you sell a ticket so there's nothing to lose! Log in now with your Facebook account to create a brand and an event, you are just a few minutes away from publishing your event and selling online tickets.