Omens & Signs from Nature

22nd June 2019, 13:00


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Event Details

The Sentient Oracle has come about at a time in our Earth Sentience when there is a real need to acknowledge the existence of consciousness within all living Beings - Seen and Unseen.

In the beautiful woodland setting of Aberfoyle, near to the Fairy Hill we will have an opportunity to spend some time in nature, communicating with Nature Spirits - trees, animals, birds, insects, and the "Unseen" world of Fairies, Elementals and Divas.

The aim of the workshop at this Solstice point, is to make/enhance this communication and receive guidance through omens, signs or direct knowing for our own spiritual selves.  It may concern a current issue in our life, or suggest a way forward for the next 6 months.  

We may wish to record our experience through writing or photography on the day.  Lynn and Caireen will be available to discuss the mirrored photography that can reveal deeper into Nature, all of which can be done on a mobile phone.

The Sentient Oracle is a communion with Nature and is caretaked by Caireen Todd and Lynn Paterson in Central Scotland. We run small group events in The Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park.


Riverside Car Park, Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire

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Pre-Event Information: 

Where to meet

Meet from 12.30 (We will be leaving promptly at 1pm) at the bridge end/Manse Road end of the car park behind Aberfoyle Tourist Information centre (link below).As you enter the car park turn right (there is a snack stall infront of you) you can see the bridge and there are picnic benches there towards the river.(It may be an idea to use the toilet facilities beside the Centre before we go into the woods!)

We will be walking into the woods approximately 10 minutes from there. We aim to exercise a Conscious Walk into the Work we will be doing, leaving the everyday world behind and entering a natural and liminal place.

The walk is easy and flat into the woods, where we will then go into a more natural and uneven terrain that may be wet depending on the summer weather!  


What to expect

We anticipate a couple of opportunities to connect in a personal way to the natural world around us, firstly through a short meditation which will lead into a personal experience exercise, we will then regroup to discuss before a second longer exercise. At the end we will regroup to share our experiences. Depending on weather this could be back in Aberfoyle but we would hope to stay in the woods.  

We will also discuss how you may choose to record your experiences either by photography or writing - which is optional.

What to bring

  • Outdoor clothing to suit weather on the day and suitable footwear for uneven grassy, possibly wet, terrain. (Also advise to fully cover legs to avoid possiblity of Ticks!)
  • A plastic bag to sit on if ground is wet.
  • Water, any snacks, a thermos if desired.
  • Notebook and pens
  • Mobile phone/camera
  • A natural Insect repellent if you need one (to avoid bites)


Mirrored photography 

If you are interested in trying some mirrored images, download the free Mirror Photo Editor App by Lyre Bird Studio or equivalent from Google Play or Apple Store onto your phone before attending the Event. Mobile signals can be erratic in Aberfoyle.

We do hope to set up a facility on the Sentient Oracle Instagram page where you can post your photos from the day, and any that you take in the future that you would like to share connected with the themes of our work.


Deposit Refund Policy 

A £15 deposit secures your place. After 1 June 2019 the deposit is non-refundable unless the Event is cancelled by the organisers, in which case all deposits and fees paid will be returned.

We really look forward to meeting you!