London 2019

27th September 2019, 18:00
Hosted by: Play14


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What is #play14?

#play14 is a community of people who believe that the very best way for people to learn is by doing. Be it a game or an interactive exercise, having fun and playing is essential to effective learning. #play14 - London is an opportunity for people who share this belief to connect, collaborate, learn, play and share together.


Who comes to #play14?

Participants come from all over the world. Whether they’re a coach, a teacher, a facilitator, a developer, an agile coach - ANYONE! We welcome people from all flavours of industries, roles and communities to come along. Ultimately people who use or want to use experiential learning professionally or socially.


How does it work?

#play14 is an un-conference. This means there are no keynotes, no rock stars on pedestals and that we will create the agenda collaboratively each day. Many of our participants use games, exercises, workshops regularly and will bring them along to share. #play14 is also a great opportunity to test out new ideas and skills in a very safe and friendly space.


What sort of things do people share?

  • - Games they play professionally, with their teams or socially with their groups
  • - Icebreakers and warm ups
  • - Sessions to share exercises and techniques
  • - Talks and discussions
  • - Problems to pick apart
  • - Idea's to evolve
  • - Pretty much anything else (we’ve had sessions on dance, improv, singing, coaching, meditation, mindfulness, laughter yoga and Tai Chi)


For more information, please visit:


Ministry of Justice, Greater London, Greater London

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Pre-Event Information: 

Ministry of Justice

Location: Ministry of Justice, 102 Petty France, London

How to find us

Exit St James' Park tube station (Broadway exit) and cross the road to 102 Petty France. Alternatively, walk from Victoria station (10 minute walk).