Pink Dinner Gala

26th July 2019, 19:00
Hosted by: Pink Weekend


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Event Details

The event will consist of a 3 course meal with entertainment by Alan Becks! We ask that everyone wears a little pink on the night! Here's the full story: 10 years ago, I was luck enough to have an interview at a solicitors in Manchester. I walked in apprehensively to be greeted by Kevin and Beverley Nicholas. I was extremely nervous and anxious, however they immediately put me at ease, especially when our conversation gradually moved on to Rugby League and a general chit chat. At the end of the interview I knew that I would love working there and would feel comfortable in the role. Luckily for me... I was successful and got the job! Over the years, our relationship grew more into a friendship rather than being employer/employee. Both Kevin and Beverley have always supported me through everything I have done and especially supportive when I had Charlie and Reggie. Two years ago I made one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make and moved on from my position there . Without all their support and belief in me I wouldn’t have had the confidence and experience to progress. Throughout all this, they have always made the time to keep in touch and support me further. On 26th May, I was absolutely devastated to be told that Beverley had passed away. For over 10 years she has been battling Cancer. She had fought and fought and still always managed to smile and help others. Over the last 5 years, Beverley, along with help from Kevin and Batley Bulldogs staff and supporters have helped raise over £71,000 for Breast Cancer Charities. They have organised numerous events including a sponsored walk from Batley to London! (In which myself and Liam also participated in the final hurdle) This year, as every year, they will be holding a 'Pink Weekend' in August and they have a huge target of £29,000 to bring their total after 6 years to £100,000. In support of ‘The Pink Weekend’ I will be holding the Pink Dinner Gala. This will be especially held in Beverley’s memory. I do hope you can find in in your heart to support me with this . This is our time to give something back and continue with what Beverley worked so hard to achieve!



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