Apricot Centre

The Apricot Centre is a social enterprise (CIC). We produce high quality food on our farm at Huxhams Cross in Dartington South Devon, growing a wide reange of Biodynamic and Organic produce including vegetables, fruit, jams, chutneys, jucies and flours.   Huxhams Cross Farm is also the home and therapeutic space for the The Apricot Centre Wellbeing Service  providing therapeutic support for families and children in both East Anglia and in Devon, using the farm and nature as a co-therapist.  Where the two activities overlap we offer a rich experience on the farm for children and their families, providing mentirung for young people with specific needs such as special education, behaviour or mental health needs.  We also provide school visits, children and adult workshops in traditional rural crafts and skills, training courses that cover land and person Permaculture Design, Biodynamics and many other courses.   We have a very successful Permaculture Consultancy service on the farm and have helped design and support a wide range of businesses and can often be found at festivals across the country spreading the word of setting up Permaculture Projects.  We have also designed a number of school gardens working alongside children, staff and parents in creating and implementing a garden that is specific to the schools needs and to help support their curriculum.