The Great British Beerathon

10th August 2019, 14:00


The Great British Beerathon Early Bird - £35.00
+ £0.00 booking fee per ticket.

Event Details

Please bear in mind that our events are organised by idiots and are as professionally run as tramp wrestling. 

Britain, Britain, Britain! Two things you can rely upon if you're British:
    1) You're probably not very good at sport. 
    2) You're probably very good at eating and drinking. 

If only we could introduce food and drink into sport, we might stand a chance... Welcome to the Great British Beerathon!

It's a five-mile slobstacle course, after each mile you have to neck a great British pint and chomp some great British fodder ...... running is optional, enter at own risk!

All proceeds go to Street Child!


Hoop & Grapes, 80 Farringdon St, London EC4A 4BL London

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